Elohim – She Talks Too Much

LA-synthpop newbie Elohim is out with her first single “She Talks Too Much” (which means “God” in Hebrew – but you already knew that. Cuz ur smart. I mean, you read my posts, don’t you? Don’t you!?)  I for one love reading myself talk, but that’s why I have a music blog, so it’s totally allowed, and therefore not “too” anything. But everyone else who talks too much, especially in person = super annoying. Elohim just pumped this track out to the interwebs and it seems people are snatching at it with the same enthusiasm and vigor of a millennial having their first Hamptons summer weekend by blowing an entire paycheck impressing some chick at Surf Lodge only for her to go home with that older guy in her share house who’s like, “still doing this,” bc, like, FOMO-YOLO, or whatever.

Summer is upon us. Rejoice! Then start sweating on the subway platform :)

Feli Says Listen to the below!

Felipe Macia
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