Anna Rose – Electric Child

When I think of female artists in Rock and Roll, my mind jumps to likes of Joan Jett, Tina Turner, Etta James, and Buffalo Springfield’s Rock and Roll Woman. I also sit in envy because my one dream is to drop everything and be a rock star. (only I can’t play an instrument and my singing would make whales beach themselves)

But last week I had the pleasure of catching Anna Rose’s show at Bowery Electric, and man that girl can rock. Her demeanor is sweet and lovely like her name, and Anna is a relatively small human (comparatively speaking, I’m 6’ft)- but don’t let that fool you. Anna holds a stage like a full rock band.

Her first song was called ‘Under Your Skin’ and it was by far my favorite of the set and is off Anna’s new album, release date TBD. (Will get back to you on that one) She followed ‘Under Your Skin’ with a song called ‘Electric Child’ off her 2013 album ‘Behold a Pale Horse’. If you want some insane guitar instrumentals and solos, this is your poison. Anna’s band is incredible, and I am slightly obsessed with the solos Anna’s guitarist, Adam Stoler was throwing out.

I noticed throughout the whole set that the band’s sound had some serious range. One song was so hard rock I thought about starting a head bang, and the next would have much softer guitars strums- to where I thought I was back in Nashville on Broadway. Anna’s final song was like this, ‘Los Angeles’, where I got a bit of a country vibe. Anna did a brief stint in LA, and I can only imagine that this is where the inspiration from the song came from.

Anna will be at Brooklyn Bowl on Jan 27th with our friends from East Love. Tickets here.

Cassie Farley
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