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Go for Gold(room)

Midweek¬†blues got you jonesin’ for that poolside fiesta you went to on Sunday? The one with sweet jams, cool breezes, cold drinks and hard bodies? I feel you. Except I don’t have a pool. Soho House won’t return my emails. And the hotel pool across the street wants to charge me $320 to sit in a chair. No matter. My apartment’s A/C barely works, so I just leave the air off and sit in the tub with a cocktail, shades on, music playing from my cell phone (in a solo cup to pump up the jams obvi) and a handheld fan blowing recycled air on my neck. Our lives are basically the same. I just have the decency to lie about it on Instagram is all. My bathtub/pool party playlist includes Goldroom’s new jam, “Silhouette.” Goldroom, not to be confused with Goldhouse (seriously with the names guys!?), another DJ whom we have visited with, is a Boston-bred nu-disco and tropical house DJ. Mr. Room lists his musical influences as, “basically any famous and cool musician in the last 30 years.” No, that’s not his actual quote, but it might as well have been with the list he provided… smh

Since Gold and “home related stuff” is a thing, I guess my DJ name will be Goldenshower.

Feli Says go for group tub time

Felipe Macia
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