HOLYCHILD – Money All Around

LA-band HOLYCHILD¬†call themselves “brat pop” – but also refer to themselves as “if Katy Perry, Andy Warhol, and Robyn had a menage-a-tryst and out popped a perfect pop baby for adults only.” Sounds a little pedophile-ish but whatever, I can flex with it. They were offered a 25K radio deal if they changed their sound to be “Icona Pop meets Daft Punk”, but they said “no way Jose! we’re not changin’ for the man!” Just by chance “Jose” was the name of their manager at the time. So they fired him and pushed forward. Hopefully they’re not still broke… but their tracks are rackin’ up clicks, so I think they’ll be ok!

What would Feli Say? #wwfs

Felipe Macia
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