[Interview] Flagship’s Michael Finster

A few months ago I brought you a band called Flagship. I was able to catch up with Michael Finster right before the holiday break for a quick interview, as the guys are grounded in the studio working on a new album. Interview below and I’ll be on the watch for the new album, super excited for this one!


You guys are from Charlotte, NC right? How did that area influence your music at all?

We love our hometown! Everything about where we grew up can have an influence on our sound, but I would say that Charlotte itself doesn’t change our sound. It has everything to do with who we’ve been around and where we find inspiration. We can be inspired by anything we find from anywhere! We love finding inspiration in every form.

What’s the back story with Flagship? Where did the name come from and how did you guys get together?

Drake thought of the name Flagship years and years ago and it just stuck. I had a different band back in 2011 and we asked Drake to fill in for a member on a random gig where we were missing a member! Once that happened, we just clicked and started making more music together. It was very easy!
A perfect match! Where do you guys find inspiration when writing and performing?

We find inspiration in everything! Movies can inspire us, world leaders, comedy, tv shows, mental battles and things we have to overcome. I’m inspired by my personal journey to find happiness and joy in a messy world.

What has been the best moment so far in your all’s music?

[Being in] LA at the moment working on album 2. I am incredibly excited!

If you could spend an hour with someone, alive or dead, who would it be?

Maybe Paul McCartney… or Abe Lincoln!
Paul is definitely on my list too. Ok, tell me something about Flagship that no one knows (but soon will).

Hmmmm. This new record is going to be siiiiiiick!! Haha

Can’t wait to see what these guys bring us in the new year. Cheers fellas!


Cassie Farley
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