Janine and the Mixtape

Janine and the Mixtape – Bullets

We live in a world clouded by so many mega artist collaborations that you can never tell which favorties are 100% authentic and which have been, for lack of a better phrase, artificially created in a lab.  One certainty amidst this crowd is Janine Foster, the writing, production and performance academecian behind her solo project, Janine and the Mixtape. Style-wise, this stunningly genuine New Zealand native-turned-Brooklyn-socialite fitss categorically between Jessie Ware and J. Cole.

Her debut EP, Dark Mind earned a premiere on Complex last month, featuring a veriety of soulful production elements borrowing from R&B, hip-hop and trap.  When asked which two tracks she favors most, Bullets (to my dismay) does not make the list.  But for me, it’s a layup. You just don’t get a vocal range like this on display too often.  Well today is Janine’s birthday, so give her some love on Twitter and p.s…daps to Janine’s biggest stateside champion, Jessie Morris at Mostly Junk Food for the fabulous introduction.

Listen to the full EP below.

Max Bernstein
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  • My favorite is “Hold Me.” I love how she sings the line “I need you to hold…. me” – unique phrasing, super effective and emotive. I love this girl so hard.

    August 20, 2013 at 3:16 pm

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