Did Skrizzly Adams have a beard?

Back in the 2000's Bubba Sparxxx gave us country-rap before his fall to opiates and disappearance from the Billboard charts. Then came Sam Hunt, a college college football playin' Georgia boy trying to be the R. Kelly of country music with his talk-singing (see "Break Up In...

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weeknd 2

The Weeknd – Kygo remix

This 25 year old Canuck of Ethiopian descent, The Weeknd, isn't a new artist, nor is this a new song, but since he has new stuff coming out, that got me listening to his "older" stuff (its so 2014...

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FKJ – Waiting feat. Madelyn Grant

French Kiwi Juice (FKJ) seeps soulful rhythm with his smooth approach to electronic music. The effervescent sound and smooth classical influences reflect the tradition and sultry heat of Paris' culture. FKJ is a native Frenchman currently penetrating Europe with his musical prowess. Waiting - featuring Madelyn Grant, an up and coming...

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Pr0files – Forgive

Electronica synth-popper duo living in LA, PrOfiles, write about "sex, addiction, hypnotherapy and love" (doesn't "synth-popper" sounds like some newfangled rich kid club drug? Kids these days and their synth-popping...

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Raye – Bet U Wish

If you've yet to listen to Raye, the South London-based singer-songwriter whose quickly made her mark in the scene, it's about time to change that. And once you do, you'll have a hard time believing that this talent is only 17 years old. Her electro-R&B sound is...

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Cathedrals – Want My Love

Cathedrals have had quite the run of late.  After putting up an impressive 800k soundcloud plays with their first two singles, the San Francisco based duo (Brodie Jenkins/Ghost and Gale + Johnny Hwin/Blackbird Blackbird) is back with a flawlessly downtempo heartbreaker called Want My Love.  Equal parts The XX and Toni...

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Janine and the Mixtape

Janine and the Mixtape – Bullets

We live in a world clouded by so many mega artist collaborations that you can never tell which favorties are 100% authentic and which have been, for lack of a better phrase, artificially created in a lab.  One certainty amidst this crowd is Janine Foster,...

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Getting Familiar With Jaymes Young

I'm totally zoned in right now. I know absolutely nothing about Jaymes Young. But here's what I'll say: if Michael Buble and The Weeknd spent a crazy weekend in South Beach and things got out of hand the product would be Jaymes Young. It's a...

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