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Jason’s Year in Review – 2013

Like the eighth night of Hanukkah or bedtime on Christmas eve, the end of our 2013 year in review lists has come too soon. Each one of us has enjoyed sharing some of our favorite songs with you this year. There were so many great tracks that were released that it was very difficult to pick just a few to represent what 2013 had to offer. The following are small selection of my favorites from the past year.

For each of us this was a difficult task. How does one compare Postiljonen, Two Door Cinema Club and The Knocks? Each one feels so different and fills such a unique niche that we could debate their individual merits well into 2014. At the end of the day, sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Fortunately, that is pretty much what we do around here which is how we made it through this harrowing experience.

Unlike my cohorts, I was unable to pare down my selection to fewer than twenty tracks. Anything less than that seemed unrepresentative of the wonderful tapestry of music that has passed through our collective imagination here at TMD. I hope you enjoy this installment and please let us know if any of your faves that were left on the chopping block (we all have some there, trust me). Happy holidays and enjoy!!!



The Spotify playlist is the unabridged version of my favorites from 2013. It is arranged in no particular order so shuffle might be the best way to enjoy it.



Jason Scott
  • Max

    i think we have a winner here

    December 19, 2013 at 4:35 pm

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