Swiss Lips – Honey

Do you think Swiss kissing is the same as French kissing, just more, like, financially conservative and less “let’s not work and just have red wine and cigarettes”..? Or is it more a blend of all the boring parts of French, German and Italian kissing? Idk why a band from Manchester calls themselves Swiss Lips, but they’re super cool. The electro-pop dance quintet were originally known as Ten Bears, but changed it when they couldn’t figure out why they’d only get asked to play at gay clubs and the promoters kept asking when the real band was arriving…. Under their new nom de plume (brought the French back – see what I did there? 😉 they’ve played with Bastille, Neon Trees, and other big boys. Check out the new album out now. Or don’t. Whatever.

Seems to work out ok for Simon :-/ Feli Says

Felipe Macia
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