Tundran is Still Afraid (of spiders?)

This Indie/New wave/Disco duo from Sweden (which¬†could abbreviate as “INDi” duo, but then it’d be really misleading) (although SwINDi Duo sounds amazing), Tundran, are just two dudes, Felix and Jakob, blending sounds from bands like, Lemaitre, LCD Soundsystem, Chromeo, 1975, etc… and making a nice “play by the pool”-tune. Kinda perfect for day dreaming on a Monday in February… Anywho, they try and use all real instruments in their songs, which they made sure to mention when interviewed. I guess that’s respectable since they’re… umm… musicians and what not… Listening to what Tundran is afraid of (being loved) made me think about what I’m truly afraid of. Is it being alone? Being homeless? Have no legs? I think it’d have to be the tunnel of insects and spiders from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I don’t think there is anything worse than that, besides like, having to get through that tunnel and having no legs :-/

Feli Says just LISTEN already, ugh

Felipe Macia
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