[VIDEO] Janine and the Mixtape – Hold Me (Acoustic/Live)

Its all summer all the time for my favorite Kiwi artist/producer/angel, Janine and the Mixtape, and I mean that literally. After an incredible summer in Brooklyn she left us in early October to trade the cold weather and short days for summer #2 in her homestead of New Zealand.  Janine Foster has her personal life just about all figured out, and from what I can tell she’s been making all the right moves professionally too.  From her single Dark Mind appearing on VH1 to her Critics Choice Award Nomination and performance, to this brand new acoustic video for Hold Me, its obviously just a matter of time before she becomes a staple of the R&B revival.  Rumor has it she’ll be back in the states for SXSW so check back with us for details. p.s. we’re working on something LARGE!

Max Bernstein
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