Welcome to Paradise – CS & Miskeyz feat. Emma Carn

Surpassing cross-continental barriers, this trio’s collaboration has created an incredible summer tune with articulate residual beats  of vintage summer rock ‘n roll, only to be enhanced with ambient electronics. All I want is to be diving into this song and emerging into their unrequited paradise. This collaboration is a key step in the development of each of these artists, refining their style and experimenting with one another’s strengths and varying backgrounds. Miskeyz is based out of Lyon, France, CS in Oslo, Norway, and Emma Carn in Western Australia. Such diverse backgrounds has brought a richness in emotion, experience, and musical engineering. Soothingly fresh vocals integrated into the melody with soaring electronics synchronizes the beats for a delicious outcome. Promoted by an independent record label voicing the unvoiced, Casual Jam Records brings a global influence to their musical promotions specializing in casual and soothing musical ambience. There is no paradise lost, as long as vibrations of this world continue to ignite dreamers.


Gaby Deambrosio
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  • Max

    Nice one Gaby!

    July 17, 2015 at 9:17 pm

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