Afrojack – SummerThing!

(yes, that photo is amazing, in case you were wondering)

I thought most DJ’s got in to it to compensate for something, or because like, they couldn’t get in to clubs on their own, but Afrojack is 1) Dutch, and everyone knows clubs love Euros with deep V’s; 2) dated Paris Hilton, which helps with the whole club thing fo sho; and 3) is 6’10″… so he’s clearly not compensating. Nick Van de Wall has all sorts interesting tid bits about him that are #classic artist, like a daughter from a Dutch model named Vegas. This happy summer track features Mike Taylor, a Philly-man, a singer/songwriter born to a jazz musician father. So I guess we can thank him for the sweet vocals. Feel free to play this at your local pool party, bbq, tiki torched rooftop, or just alone dancing in your kitchen while making quinoa.

All about them summer jams #wwfs

Felipe Macia
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