Ashley’s Fave 15 of 2015

Well, 2015 has sure been a whirlwind of a year. It’s hard to believe that one of my most exciting and memorable, yet most difficult, years is very rapidly coming to a close. During 2015, I was fortunate enough to travel around Asia for 2 weeks (finally got to holler at the motherland of Seoul, SK), spent a great deal of quality time with some amazing friends, joined the wonderful team here at TMD, went to an insane amount of shows, and listened to a plethora of new music. It’s the music that lifted me up after the passing of my mom, but it was also the upbeat soundtrack to the fun, exciting, and totally rad moments of the year.

I always envisioned that making a year end list would be a fairly simple task. WRONG WRONG WRONG. I naively started pulling songs from my “New Jams Vol. 2” Spotify playlist (a playlist of new music/bands that I’ve been curating over the past year or so…definitely give it a listen if you want even more sweet tunes in your life) and before I knew it, my initial draft contained roughly 70 songs…oops! It took some major listening time + hours of fretting over my decisions before I was able to narrow down my list to a more manageable 15 songs.

My final 15 of 2015 represent the songs that I constantly played on repeat, that made me feel all the feels, that grabbed my attention immediately, that got me through hours upon hours of travel time, and that I sang to at the top of my lungs, and chair danced to while listening at work . These are the songs and artists that I’ve enjoyed immensely this year and I look forward to hearing more from in the new year.

Thanks for listening gang, and have a fantastic holiday!



Ashley Oberdorff
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