In-Flight Safety – Animals

If you’re not familiar yet, it’s time to get real cozy with In-Flight Safety. Consisting of vocalist, guitarist John Mullane and drummer Glen Nicholson and hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, they’ve come back after a brief hiatus stronger than ever. The Canadian indie rock outfit have been releasing music in Canada and the UK for the better part of a decade. But it’s their third album that has garnered attention Stateside. After their last tour of Europe in 2011, the band took a breather with Glen going to pursue architecture and John started scoring a film. But something brought them back.

John tell us “the new album feels like a fresh start because making music became fun again. We re-discovered wonder. We fought for something that was inspiring, fun, and felt new and honest.” There are hints of a myriad of influences in their work, from Sigor Ros, Spoon, The Smiths & The National to name a few. If I were you I’d get familiar and right quick because they’ve got an album due out September this year via Oh La La Records.

Tim Mullowney
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