Superwalkers – Not Like Us

Superwalkers is a Swedish super-duo from the year 2987. They were supposed to be sent back to the 80’s but ended up in 2014! OH-EM-GEE! They have returned to “share their vision in a way we all understand – through music.” With their future-retro sound and progressive attitude, they believe that music will change the world. They claim they are here to remind us: “We are strong.We are capable. We are all superheroes.” I have a buddy who also believes we all at least have some sort of “superpower,” no matter how big or how small. He claims his is to hold his diarrhea in until it turns solid. He’s a weird guy. So too it seems are the Superwalkers. Makes sense I like them both, I guess.

Why won’t anyone listen to me…

Felipe Macia
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