The Sun/Son Savi

Someone named Savi, more often than not, is female, of Indian ancestry, and Hindu. This Savi is not those things. Well...

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Don’t Shrug off this ATTLAS

Do you have the post-holiday blues? The "no-longer long weekend" shakes? The "why is everyone emailing me? don't they realize yesterday was a holiday!? I'm not a machine goddammit!" Well this Canadian mystery man, Jeff Hartford, aka ATTLAS, will help cool you down with his...

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Galantis – Pharmacy (LP)

Swedish EDM newish superduo, Galantis, are independently behind hits likes Britney's "Toxic" Β and Icona Pop's "I Love It." So these Grammy winning dudes decided to team up and knock some socks off. They played Coachella in 2014, only 2 weeks after their first release, and...

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Hudson Mohawke Press 2011

Hudson Mohawke – Ryderz

Hudson Mohawke is a really coolΒ nome de plume. Although Ross (his real name) is neither from anywhere near the NY Hudson Valley area, nor does he have a mohawk...

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Superwalkers – Not Like Us

Superwalkers is a Swedish super-duo from the year 2987. They were supposed to be sent back to the 80's but ended up in 2014! OH-EM-GEE! They have returned to "share their vision in a way we all understand – through music." With their future-retro sound...

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