Spring King

Spring King-Rectifier

Dynamic and unapologetic pop punk that makes you feel ALIVE is what Spring King does best.  If their name sounds familiar, perhaps it's because they were the inaugural band to be played on Apple's Beats 1 radio with their song, "City" when the station launched on...

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Declan McKenna

Declan McKenna-Paracetamol

If you look up the definition of Paracetamol, you'll see that it's an acetaminophen-an over the counter drug that treats minor aches and pains.  Perhaps, it's a metaphor for the themes (growing pains and adolesence) that 16 year old British singer-songwriter Declan McKenna sings about in...

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only real 2

Only Real – Yesterdays

Consisting of "Only Real Guys" from West London, and led by a smug-face-makin' adorably ginger dude, Only Real are back out with a fun summer sounding EP. His tunes are "baby music for babies" and "guitar music for people who don't like guitars"...

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Wombats – Give Me A Try

Merseyside indie rockers (that's Liverpool btw - home of legendary LFC), The Wombats, are on the rebound. After a triumphant platinum release, a crazy touring schedule, and unexpected success, they fell in to dark times loaded with vehicular accidents casting gloomy shadows and disrupting their...

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