The Sun/Son Savi

Someone named Savi, more often than not, is female, of Indian ancestry, and Hindu. This Savi is not those things. Well… Now that I think about it, I guess that’s not fair of me to assume. This Savi appears male, although that could be insensitive of me and I don’t want assume anyone’s gender. This Savi self-describes with the use of male pronouns, so henceforth I will presume Savi is male, whether biologically that way or not shouldn’t matter as Savi identifies as male, so that is his gender (did I do that right? I’m trying to be better). Savi surely doesn’t “look” Indian, but then again, what does an Indian “look” like? It’d be racially insensitive of me to just say all Indian people look alike or prescribe to one stereotyped or generalized outward appearance. Is Savi Hindu? Beats me. That’s his business, just like his gender and his ancestry. So maybe he was born female, has Indian ancestry, and is a practicing Hindu, or maybe he’s a white guy from the Midwest, idk… Or maybe his parents heard that Savi meant “the Sun,” but since they heard it, thought it meant “the son,” and so gave an Indian Hindu girl’s name to their baby boy. I don’t know… I’m just saying. In these racially charged times, it’d be pretty messed up of me to go ahead and assume things about someone I didn’t know. In this new world, I guess one is just as likely as the other, right? What do you think?

(Oh ya, this is supposed to be about music.) This is his new track that came out a week ago. You can find him spinning in clubs in LA and Vegas for folks like Kanye and Johnny Depp.

Feli is Most Definitely Listening to this

Felipe Macia
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