Gabriela’s 2015 Funkouement  

I remember the precise moment I sold my soul to the music devil; South by Southwest, ATX. The very own Most Definitely's Stoli infused afternoon at The Yard. Before that my unexposed dreams twinkled in classical piano, A Capella'd harmonies, and celestial music festivals. Needless...

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grimes 2

Grimes. She Cool.

A Tale As Old As Time: After falling deep in to the underbelly of Montreal's experimental underground music scene - and falling hard she did - Claire Elise Boucher, a Vancouver-raised ballerina attending McGill to study neuroscience (the Harvard of Canada if you didn't know...

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Nimino – Milo Evans

Milo Evans [pseudonym] nimino   Nimino is on the brink of a tumultuous adventure of sleepless nights and symbiotic artistry survival. Nimino transitions the crux of a night into dreamlike dawn with his smooth decrescendos and soulful influences. An emerging artist from Brighton, UK, Milo Evans transfixes crowds with his fluctuating rhythm ensuring...

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Transviolet – Bloodstream

So these duders debuted this summer with a smasher "Girls Your Age" (although "smasher" probably isn't the right word to describe its electro-minimalism) and have racked up tons of listens. Before they hit the web with their first single, the LA-foursome actually sent out clear...

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Sigala – Easy Love

Some London bloke named Sigala (real name Bruce Fielder) made this song remixing Jackson 5's "ABC" in to a real happy catchy tune. The currently solo artiste is releasing in the UK in September with the Ministry of Sound, which everyone knows is the best...

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GIBBZ – Love Again

GIBBZ, the drunken, obnoxious, and offensive mess-of-a-Brooklynite alter ego of the Berklee College of Music grad, Mike Gibney. His pals convinced him it was "ok to drink copious amounts of alcohol and make everyone within a 30 ft radius uncomfortable." So if I got this...

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Chet Faker – 1998 feat. Banks

As is the original cut wasn't sultry enough, Chet Faker just dropped this super choosy upgrade to his 2014 smash 1998. The Banks break kicks in around 1:50. Definitely worth a new spin. ...

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Afrojack – SummerThing!

(yes, that photo is amazing, in case you were wondering) I thought most DJ's got in to it to compensate for something, or because like, they couldn't get in to clubs on their own, but Afrojack is 1) Dutch, and everyone knows clubs love Euros with...

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Giorgio Moroder – Deja Vu (LP)

Giorgio Moroder is a legend (I mean, LOOK at that pornstar 'stache), who if you remember, Daft Punk had a whole tribute song about in their last album. This dude's got 3 Academy Awards and 4 Grammys. He wrote "What a Feeling" from Flashdance, and also...

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