Smallpools – Killer Whales

LA dance-pop quartet Smallpools basically started off as a Passion Pit rip-off band, but quickly realized they were waaay better and said, "F those guys. We're Smallpools goddammit and we can synth the hell outta whatever we want!" (I think* that's how it went at least)....

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Swiss Lips – Honey

Do you think Swiss kissing is the same as French kissing, just more, like, financially conservative and less "let's not work and just have red wine and cigarettes"..? Or is it more a blend of all the boring parts of French, German and Italian kissing?...

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PRIDES – 2 tickling tracks

PRIDES (sometimes PR/DES), a threesome of Glasgow synthpoppers (the most edgy popper-based musician subgenre), started kickin' up dust in 2014 with sporadic track releases - all dope tracks, really. Making the move from punk to electropop (which tells a lot about why they're so good) was...

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Clifflight – two dope tracks

Fresh off another damn Pats victory, sexy synth-pop Bostonian quintet, CliffLight, all met at Berklee College of Music, although they "don't wanna be known as a Berklee band," which is weird since THAT'S where they met, and wouldn't exist without it...

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Kitten – Like A Stranger

If you don't know Kitten, now you know! For real. 19-year old Chloe Chaidez has rock star written all over her, and if you ever see her live you will truly understand - she shredded the stage so hard her skin-tight kimono (yes, she was...

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Pr0files – Forgive

Electronica synth-popper duo living in LA, PrOfiles, write about "sex, addiction, hypnotherapy and love" (doesn't "synth-popper" sounds like some newfangled rich kid club drug? Kids these days and their synth-popping...

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Holychild – Everytime I Fall

Infectious. That is all I can really say about Holychild's latest, "Everytime I Fall." Typically I do not stray too far into the pop side of synth-pop or indie-pop, but after listening to this song non-stop over the past 3 days, I must concede. There...

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Claire – Games

It was recommended that I blog the Passion Pit remix, but the original is just so good.  Excuse me for mailing it in on this one but i've got some last minute CMJ errands to run.  See you tonight? Check the Claire bio below, they...

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