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Bring Back My Name Is Earl (St. Clair)

When I first saw this dude's name, I thought he named himself after that amazing Zac Efron movie where he chats and plays baseball in the woods with his dead brother while sailing or whatever, but then, after looking it up, saw that was Charlie...

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Let’s Learn About South Africa with Al Bairre

(NO - not a dude named Al - Bairre)  South Africa, for anyone that's been, is known for its exclusive production of Mercedes Benz C Class right-hand drive cars, lion burgers, the filming of District 9, the largest diamond ever - therein stole by the British, the highest...

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Summer’s Over w/ CRUISR

Now that summer's officially over, besides ya'know, the 90+ degree heat, violent panhandlers, and perpetual subway sweat, we can pay homage to all the Shady Girls of Summer. To the gals who insist on only meeting up "out east" - umm, why would I do that?...

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scott helman

Scott Helman – Tikka

19 year-old Canuck, Scott Helman, was signed by Warner at 15 (not too shabby, pretty sure at 15 I had braces and was still spiking my hair up, not signing record deals or doing anything creative whatsoever besides doodling dicks on my math books) and went...

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Sigala – Easy Love

Some London bloke named Sigala (real name Bruce Fielder) made this song remixing Jackson 5's "ABC" in to a real happy catchy tune. The currently solo artiste is releasing in the UK in September with the Ministry of Sound, which everyone knows is the best...

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The Shadowboxers – Ride Home

Not a new band or anything, but these ATLiens (although they have since moved to Nashville) - The Shadowboxers - provide light, dancy, fun, and bouncy soul-funk tunes for your summer playlists. So there's a win I just tossed ya right out the bat. These...

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The Notionaries – Excited Eyes

Hailing mostly from Tornado Alley (not a good start), The Notionaries sing happy songs while bringin' to mind a similar sounding British youngin', Saint Raymond (ok, getting better) and his jams "Brighter Days" & "Wildheart" (remember the Notti-teens and the daggering? No? You should re-read it,...

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Afrojack – SummerThing!

(yes, that photo is amazing, in case you were wondering) I thought most DJ's got in to it to compensate for something, or because like, they couldn't get in to clubs on their own, but Afrojack is 1) Dutch, and everyone knows clubs love Euros with...

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