Superwalkers – Not Like Us

Superwalkers is a Swedish super-duo from the year 2987. They were supposed to be sent back to the 80's but ended up in 2014! OH-EM-GEE! They have returned to "share their vision in a way we all understand – through music." With their future-retro sound...

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Madeon – Pay No Mind

Fresh-faced youngster and nu-disco/dubstep producer Hugo Leclercq, aka Madeon, caught fame for remixes at the seasoned age of 16. The Frenchman began composing music at 11 under the name "Deamon". When his singles caught fire, and realizing he was more angel than demon with THAT...

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Clifflight – two dope tracks

Fresh off another damn Pats victory, sexy synth-pop Bostonian quintet, CliffLight, all met at Berklee College of Music, although they "don't wanna be known as a Berklee band," which is weird since THAT'S where they met, and wouldn't exist without it...

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Black Coast – Enough

New York artist Stan Rapoport, soon to be better known as Black Coast, teamed up with a local poet who goes by M. Maggie, and you should be glad they did. Through a 2014 version of The Postal Service, they worked on their first single...

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Kitten – Like A Stranger

If you don't know Kitten, now you know! For real. 19-year old Chloe Chaidez has rock star written all over her, and if you ever see her live you will truly understand - she shredded the stage so hard her skin-tight kimono (yes, she was...

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Genevieve – Colors

Chicago-born and LA-living new indie-pop talent, Genevieve broke out solo on the heels of her previous band's demise, Company of Thieves. Singing was always her favorite way to communicate growing up - which sounds REALLY annoying as a parent...

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tesla boy

Tesla Boy – Strong

You wanna know where my musical tastes are at right now?  Just listen to the new Tesla Boy. Ever wonder what it would sound like if Wham! scored a Molly Ringwald movie in 2014?  Well now you know.  Premiered on Vice/Noise yesterday, Strong is in the process of...

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Goldroom – Verano Mix 2014

Few acts are entering Summer 2014 with as much momentum as Goldroom.  Over the past year LA native Josh Legg has transformed an eminent producer/DJ career into one of the most promising live format contenders in the game (that crowd Saturday at Firefly looked BANANAS!). Now, as the summer tour hits full stride,...

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