amidst an episode, episode hopes for a new episode

"Boy band" no longer, this NYC foursome, Episode, have set out on the humbling quest of a full-fledged makeover, a reinvention of themselves. The desire to shake off their former selves in to something a tad more "palatable" was strong enough that it appears they...

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PUP puns are pawful

So PUP is a pretty cool band from Toronto. The four childhood friends originally named their band Topanga - yes, like THAT Topanga. They named their band after Boy Meets World...

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jet black alley cat 2

Jet Black Alley Cat: a sign of witchery

Did you know where "jet black" comes from? I sure didn't. "Jet" is a dense black coal that takes a high polish and is used for jewelry. The more you know, huh? Also, black cats weren't always associated with bad luck and/or witchery until the...

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Throwing SHAED

SHAED is a DC based electronic trio comprised of lead singer Chelsea Lee and twin brothers Max and Spencer Ernst. Formerly known as The Walking Sticks, SHAED has amped up the synths this time around, which serve as the perfect backdrop to showcase Lee's strong...

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teenage wrist

Teenage Wrist: a band, not a medical condition

There isn't much to know about the 90's nodding, Goo alluding, Yuck guitaring, semi-shoegazing trio Teenage Wrist (that's basically ALL of the things to describe them:-/). A collaborative side project of some dudes from Colorado who full-time other bands, Teenage Wrist formed up in 2015...

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temper trap

Seems we lost our Temper Trap

The Aussies guilty of making everyone addicted to "Sweet Disposition" (currently sitting at > 100mm Spotify listens) are back with a new album in June. Their first single from it is this song, and it's kinda good I think (what do you think?). Their first...

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fareoh big gram

Fareoh goes great in yummy salads

So you probs already know about Big Grams and their debut EP last year. They are the combo indie/electro/hiphop consortium comprised of Big Boi (a la Outkast) and Phantogram - and they just put out a bunch of remixes of their song "Drum Machine" - arguably the...

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cold fronts 2

Spring Time + Cold Fronts = Gr8 Combo

Back in January we discussed all the sweet stuff going down in Philly. Besides being a hot bed for meat sweats and subsequent stair running, Cold Fronts frontman, and only remaining original member, Craig Almquist is a role model for all Creed-esque youngsters looking to...

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