Little Brother has feelings too

In honor of whichever makes you more upset, the RNC or the Cavs winning the championship - tough call there - (hey, at least the NBA doesn't call themselves "world" champions, like the NFL or MLB, who for some reason, don't include the rest of...

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amidst an episode, episode hopes for a new episode

"Boy band" no longer, this NYC foursome, Episode, have set out on the humbling quest of a full-fledged makeover, a reinvention of themselves. The desire to shake off their former selves in to something a tad more "palatable" was strong enough that it appears they...

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PUP puns are pawful

So PUP is a pretty cool band from Toronto. The four childhood friends originally named their band Topanga - yes, like THAT Topanga. They named their band after Boy Meets World...

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Sturgill Simpson: straight not outta Springfield

I am sucker for sweet album art (an under-appreciated art form!), and Sturgill Simpson brings the fire with his fabulous new album (similar to C!NCC!'s Something for Nothing, except way better), and my Album of the Week and Month, A Sailor's Guide To Earth. If you don't know,...

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Mew: insert kitschy headline

Copenhagen, the land of ales and fairy tales. As Hans Christian Andersen, famous Danish author once wrote: "where words fail, music speaks." How appropriate for a music email. Thank you Hans. Luckily for me that was the first thing that popped up when I Googled...

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temper trap

Seems we lost our Temper Trap

The Aussies guilty of making everyone addicted to "Sweet Disposition" (currently sitting at > 100mm Spotify listens) are back with a new album in June. Their first single from it is this song, and it's kinda good I think (what do you think?). Their first...

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