the sun days

The Sun Days on Mondays

Why do we call it "Sunday Scaries"? I've heard folks use that term to describe the looming fear of the ever fast approaching Monday work day; which it then should be called the Monday Scaries...

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cold fronts 2

Spring Time + Cold Fronts = Gr8 Combo

Back in January we discussed all the sweet stuff going down in Philly. Besides being a hot bed for meat sweats and subsequent stair running, Cold Fronts frontman, and only remaining original member, Craig Almquist is a role model for all Creed-esque youngsters looking to...

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saint raymond

Whatchu know bout Saint Raymond?

If can you recall my affinity for Notti-teens (no! not a porn genre on RedTube [jeez!], but the "dubious subsect of British youths known for their awkward white kid version of "daggering"?, Saint Raymond and Ady Suleiman?), well Saint Raymond finally came out with first...

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Let’s Learn About South Africa with Al Bairre

(NO - not a dude named Al - Bairre)  South Africa, for anyone that's been, is known for its exclusive production of Mercedes Benz C Class right-hand drive cars, lion burgers, the filming of District 9, the largest diamond ever - therein stole by the British, the highest...

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Summer’s Over w/ CRUISR

Now that summer's officially over, besides ya'know, the 90+ degree heat, violent panhandlers, and perpetual subway sweat, we can pay homage to all the Shady Girls of Summer. To the gals who insist on only meeting up "out east" - umm, why would I do that?...

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allison weiss 2

Allison Weiss – Golden Coast

Indiepopper and Tegan & Sara vocal double, Allison Weiss, created a Kickstarter in 2009 to press her debut full length, and after crushing her monetary goal, she became a sensation for online promotion (NYT, Wired, etc). Regarding her new album, out in October, she says...

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scott helman

Scott Helman – Tikka

19 year-old Canuck, Scott Helman, was signed by Warner at 15 (not too shabby, pretty sure at 15 I had braces and was still spiking my hair up, not signing record deals or doing anything creative whatsoever besides doodling dicks on my math books) and went...

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Smallpools – Killer Whales

LA dance-pop quartet Smallpools basically started off as a Passion Pit rip-off band, but quickly realized they were waaay better and said, "F those guys. We're Smallpools goddammit and we can synth the hell outta whatever we want!" (I think* that's how it went at least)....

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PRIDES – 2 tickling tracks

PRIDES (sometimes PR/DES), a threesome of Glasgow synthpoppers (the most edgy popper-based musician subgenre), started kickin' up dust in 2014 with sporadic track releases - all dope tracks, really. Making the move from punk to electropop (which tells a lot about why they're so good) was...

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Supros – Hush

Southwest Florida indie-pop-rockers (not to be confused with those krazy kids addicted to Pop Rocks we knew growing up, cuz those kids grew up and are now called meth heads) Supros, did some crowd funding to get started - but sadly only raised like 45% of...

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